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Thai Massage in Ajmer

You may already be familiar with the many benefits of massage. You know about the stress relief, pain relief, and relaxation that result from a good massage. Even if you’re a massage regular, however, you may be wondering how different types of massage can benefit your body in different ways. You’ve heard about Thai massage and its unique benefits, but how do they differ from what many people consider to be “traditional” massage therapy?

Thai Massage is More Energetic

This isn’t a passive massage where you just lie on the table and drift off while your masseuse works their magic. Thai massage is often described as “lazy yoga.” During a Thai massage session, your therapist will stretch your body into a variety of positions that most closely resemble yoga positions. Through this stretching, you’ll relieve muscle tension, increase muscle flexibility, add to your muscle tone, and help aid joint mobility. All of these benefits help in the reduction of stress. They also allow you to be more centered within your body and settled within yourself–all while you remain actively present and engaged in the treatment. A Thai massage is a unique experience in the massage world, but you’ll certainly reap the benefits both during and after the procedure.


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